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Our brand Delta Luminaries, 
manufactures of Light Fittings and Supplier of LED's.

We BELIEVE in innovation and invest a lot in research.

Our products include Domestic, Decorative, Industrial, Street Light Fittings,HPSV Lamps,Copper Ballast & Electronic Ballast

Welcome to Delta Luminaries

We are manufacturers and suppliers of light fittings in Delhi India. We do manufacture domestic light fittings, decorative light fittings, Industrial light fittings, Street light fittings, Downlighters fixtures and fittings, Copper Ballast Fittings, Electronic Ballast. We believe in innovation and spend a lot on the research. We are manufacturers and suppliers of light fittings and fixtures in Delhi India, however our logistics and supply chain department helps us in sending material across India. We supply to big brands like Surya, HPL, Jaguar, Asian, C & S ’s and many more big brands of India and MNC's.

We supply to companies from our two manufacturing plants one in Naraina Industrial area and one in Bawana Industrial Area.LED lighting importance is increasing in our daily life and thus LED lights are traded by us. A better understanding of light will enable you to use it more effectively.Light manufacturer of India make sure that the product they offer are highly competitive across the world and are made up of superior quality products. Lighting is one of the most important aspect in our daily life as the first thing we start with is switching on the light and our days ends with them as well. Thus making sure that you have exactly what you are looking for is very important.

Lumen Control India Pvt Ltd has a full range different Luminaries and trades in LED light fittings to meet everyday application and requirements. These light fittings are designed for the optimum utilization of light using minimal energy and meeting aesthetic at affordable prices to the user. We make standard specification products using quality material. Customized products are also available. We ensure quality products and supplies.

Light Fittings Manufacturer in Delhi India

*our focus is on Quality - Things that differentiate us from many manufacturer's across India is our Quality.

*On Time delivery - We deliver the products when we commit.

*we build relationships.

Lumen Control India Pvt Ltd luminaries cater to a wide range of clientele and are used in domestic, industrial, commercial, decorative, streetlight, floodlights, garden and architectural lighting requirements. For unique specific commercial and decorative applications Luminaries we make available specially designed down lighters with louvers and cross louvers or glass . These are used along with FTL, CFL and T-5 range of lamps.

Lumen Control India Pvt Ltd industrial Luminaries are available in regular box type , high bays and well glasses etc covering the entire range of industrial applications. These lights are available in FTL, HPMV, HPSV and MH range of lamps. Our Industrial light fittings are mostly demanded by big brands as they have a huge trust on us. Delta Luminaries also have wide range of Energy Saving Luminaries with CFL and T-5 lamps for domestic, commercial / decorative, industrial and outdoor application. These Luminaries are also available with Electronic Ballasts from lumen control as well.

Another exciting range in the offering is the LED Series which would be available to the domestic consumers and places where domestic luminaries are required.

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Why Lumen Control India Pvt Ltd

It is the policy of Lumen Control that the products the company manufactures, shall be in all aspects be of the highest performance and standards to satisfy the customers with the intentions to deliver the committed products. We are also committed to continuous improvements and quality improvements. To deliver such kind of products we take the following actions:-

Our Quality Standards

*We use the most appropriate inputs and raw materials available

*Staff encouragement and training for continuous improvements and development of new products

*Inclusion of all employees of all levels for improvement in product quality

Delta Luminaries Manufacturer and Luminaries Supplier in Delhi India